Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

10 Advantages of Steam Cleaned Carpets

Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

If you’re looking for the best way to deep clean carpets, steam cleaning is hands-down the way to go. Unlike other methods like shampooing or dry cleaning, there are many benefits of steam carpet cleaning. It blasts away stains, allergens and more from deep within your carpets.

This may sound intimidating, but steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction is super safe and effective. It can completely transform dull, matted carpets and make them look brand new again.

Interested to learn more? Here are the top 10 reasons you should get on board with using steam for carpeted floors:

1. Deeper Clean Than Any Vacuum

Let’s be honest. Vacuuming alone just doesn’t cut it when it comes to really deep cleaning carpets. The brushes simply can’t reach down into the fibres to extract the deep-seated grime.

Professional carpet cleaners use extremely hot, pressurised water to penetrate deep into the carpet piles. This blasts away stains that lurk beneath the surface. The super hot steam essentially kills and lifts away stuff that vacuum cleaners can’t touch.

Now that’s a thorough clean.

2. Eco-Friendly

We all want to make greener and ideal choices to keep our homes and planet healthy. Steam cleaning allows you to deep clean your carpets without dangerous chemicals.

Since hot water extraction has been used, there are no toxic residues left behind. No more worrying about toxic fumes or chemicals accumulating in your home when you steam clean.

Is it safe for children and pets? Absolutely! The only left after steam cleaning is clean water. There are no harsh chemicals for little paws or feet to pick up. Just make sure carpets are fully dry before letting pets back on them.

3. Exterminates Dust Mites

Steam cleaning is an effective method to kill house mites living deep down in your carpets.

These are microscopic particles that feed on the dead skin cells that fall into carpets. Their waste and carcasses can trigger allergic reactions.

The extremely high heat from steam penetrates deep enough to exterminate these nasty mites. Over 2.7 million Australians have asthma, so this treatment can help you breathe easier.

4. Prevents Mould Growth

Have you ever noticed a musty smell coming from damp carpets? That’s likely mould beginning to grow beneath the surface.

Mould spores landing on damp flooring can grow rapidly, releasing allergy-causing particles into your home’s air.

The good news is steam cleaning fully dries out carpets to prevent mold and mildew growth. No more mouldy odours or allergy symptoms.

5. Extends Carpet Life

Carpets are a big investment for your home. To maximise their lifespan, it’s essential to deep clean them regularly.

The abrasive friction of foot traffic drives pollutants deep into the carpet fibres. This causes damage, and the fabric covers wear down over time.

By extracting all these with steam cleaning, you allow your carpets to last considerably longer. You’ll save a bundle on expensive replacements.

6. Removes Stains, Not Just Surface Dirt

Vacuuming and surface cleaning methods can only remove loose soil and debris. They leave stubborn stains behind.

Steam cleaning carpets thoroughly removes stains like wine, coffee or juice that have penetrated deep into the fibers.

The high temp water and cleaning agents break the bond between carpet stains and fibres, allowing complete removal. No more ugly bleach spots.

7. Gets Rid of Odours

The Health Benefits of Steam Cleaning Carpets

Professional carpet steam cleaning is incredibly effective at stain removal, but did you know it also destroys odours?

Odours from spills, food, smoke, pets and other sources get trapped deep in carpeting where vacuuming can’t eliminate them.

The intense heat of steam breaks down and destroys odour molecules so they can be extracted fully.

8. Removes Allergens

In addition to dust mites and mould spores, carpets can also harbour other allergy triggers like pollen, pet dander and more dusty debris.

Again, regular vacuuming only scratches the surface when it comes to removing pollutants.

Using steam provides a much deeper clean to remove virtually 100% of the triggers hiding in your carpets. Breathe easy and sleep better after a professional steam clean.

9. Saves Money in the Long Run

At first glance, professional steam carpet cleaning may seem pricier than just renting a shampooer from a hardware store.

However, when you factor in how well hot steam extends your carpet’s lifespan and improves indoor air quality, it’s much more cost-effective long-term.

Plus regular steam cleaning only needs to be done once every year or two for maintenance. A small investment upfront will save you big down the road.

10. Restores Beauty

Over time, carpets inevitably start to look dingy as dirty substances embed themselves. Vacuuming might make them look decent temporarily.

But after a thorough clean with steam, your dirty carpets will be restored to their original glory. It’ll be bright, soft, fluffy, and clean. It’s amazing what a dramatic difference it makes to your home’s ambience.


How Often Should You Steam Clean Your Carpets?

For regular maintenance according to carpet manufacturer, aim for steam extraction every 12-18 months. High-traffic areas or homes with kids/pets may need it yearly. This carpet cleaning method extends the time between professional services.

What’s the Process Like?

Professional steam cleaners use wand attachments to spray extremely hot water deep into carpets to loosen dirt. Powerful suction immediately extracts the dirty water so they dry fast.

Bring Out Your Carpets’ Best with Steam Cleaning

As you can see, using high temperature steam to keep carpets clean offers some major health benefits compared to other methods. From eco-friendliness to odour removal to financial savings, steam cleaning solutions truly deliver.

While it does require professional equipment, the long-lasting results are well worth the investment. Don’t settle for surface-level vacuuming. Revive your carpeting and environment to its original glory with the deep carpet cleaning power of steam.