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Curtains and Blinds Cleaning in Gold Coast

Curtains and blinds attract loads of dust, pet dander, pollen and other allergens. Dirty window treatments can pollute your indoor air. If you or your family members suffer from allergies or asthma, symptoms will get worse.

Dust on window covers recirculates through your home when sunlight hits. These particles get released into the air and breathed in by your family. Dust buildup not only ruins indoor air quality and the appearance of blinds and drapes but also damages the fabrics.

The solution? Effective curtain and blind cleaning services. Our trained technicians use specialised methods to thoroughly clean while protecting even delicate materials. We’ll remove dirt, pollen, mould and visible stains to refresh the look of your drapes. Clean curtains will improve airflow and allow more natural light to pass too.

We also sanitise treated fabrics using non-toxic disinfectants. These solutions inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Your lovely drapes and shades will look and smell like new again.

Our expert team can clean onsite at your home or business for convenience. Or choose our offsite service where we’ll carefully take down, clean and rehang your clean window shades.

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With regular care from expert cleaners, window furnishings will stay beautiful for years.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Inspection – Note fibre types, stains or damage areas, and special requirements.
  2. Light Dusting – Use soft brushes and vacuums to remove surface dust and debris.
  3. Spot Treatment – Tough spots and blemishes are pre-treated to ensure thorough removal.
  4. Deep Cleaning – Curtains/blinds are gently washed, rinsed and dried using methods safe for each type.
  5. Deodorising – A light sanitising spray inhibits mould, mildew and bacteria growth to keep fabrics fresh.
  6. Rehanging/Reinstalling – Once fully dry, we neatly hang curtains back up or reinstall wand blinds.

Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Curtains

  • Removes up to 99% of dust, dirt, pollutants
  • Brightens room appearance and mood
  • Reduces allergens and asthma triggers
  • Lowers risk of upper respiratory infections
  • Inhibits mold, mildew and bacteria growth
  • Extends curtain/blind lifespan

Our non-toxic process is safe for most fabrics when performed properly. Extremely delicate materials with a high risk of damage will be noted during pre-inspection.

Risks: Improper DIY attempts can lead to shrinkage, stains, and damage.

Signs Shades and Drapes Need to Be Cleaned

Look for visible dirt, spots, yellowing or greying on curtains and blinds. Dust and grime often accumulate in folds and along the edges and bottoms.

If you notice moth holes, rips, loose stitching or curtains that don’t hang properly, they likely need cleaning and repair. Drapes more than a year old likely have built up dirt and allergens. For your peace of mind, schedule a periodic deep clean.

Window Treatments We Clean

Professional Blind Cleaning Services

Curtains: sheer, lace linen, blackout, embroidered, crushed, velvet, drapes

Vertical blinds: vinyl, fabric, faux wood, aluminum

Roller blinds: solar, blackout, light filtering

Venetian blinds: aluminium, wood, faux wood, outdoor

Pleated & Cellular shades

Roman shades and more!

Our Curtains and Blinds Cleaning Services

  • Onsite and offsite service with pickup and delivery
  • Steam treatment
  • Chemical dry cleaning for delicate fabrics
  • Stain removal pre-treatment
  • Deodorising
  • Rehanging with adjustments
  • Hem and stitching repairs

We also offer professional services for mould removal. Our pros can advise on any requirements for a specific type of curtain fabric to be washed, steamed and dried.

Protecting Your Investment

For ongoing protection between professional cleanings, we recommend applying a fabric protector. This seals out dirt, dust and allergens from resettling into the fibres.

Treated window treatments will stay cleaner longer, require less frequent cleaning, and be easier to dust and vacuum in between. Let us know if you would like this optional service when we come to clean your curtains and blinds.

Service Locations

We provide quality services for home and business clients throughout the Gold Coast area including:

CBD, Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Mermaid Waters, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta.

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