Why is Upholstery Cleaning So Important?

The Importance of Regular Upholstery Cleaning

Why is Upholstery Cleaning So Important?

When was the last time you had your couch, armchairs, footstools, and other upholstered furniture professionally cleaned? If it’s been over a year, it’s likely time to schedule service. While regular carpet cleaning usually takes priority, good upholstery cleaning provides important yet often overlooked benefits that make it a key part of whole-home care.

From making your furniture last longer to improving your indoor air quality, below are the top 5 reasons cleaning upholstery should be on your regular home maintenance checklist:

1. Better Appearance

Over time, faded furniture with visible spots negatively impacts how your home look. Professional upholstery cleaning service keeps all your furnishings looking fresh, clean, and colorful while getting out tough stains.

This makes the rest of your home look neater too. Even if you regularly vacuum the carpets and mop the floors, dingy furniture brings down the whole look. A thorough washing restores it to like-new condition so everything appears clean and updated.

Don’t wait until your soft seats look really bad before calling for service. Regular cleanings every year or two will maximise how long they last and keep your home guest-ready.

2. Fewer Allergens and Fresher Indoor Air

Here’s what builds up deep in upholstery fibers over months of use:

  • Dust mites
  • Mold spore
  • Pet dander
  • Dead skin cells

When you sit on furniture, these allergens get released back into the surrounding air. Kids playing stir them up even more.

Professional cleaning services remove these irritants trapped down in the fibers, rather than just temporarily covering them up. This noticeably improves air freshness. Upholstery cleaning paired with air duct sanitisation reduces allergens, dust, and respiratory issues in your whole home.

3. Lasting Odor Removal

Upholstery also absorbs and traps bad smells over time:

  • Smoke
  • Leftover water and cooking scent
  • Pet accidents
  • Lingering body odours

Trying to temporarily mask these with scented sprays or candles only goes so far. The true source is stuck in furniture. Thorough cleaning fully eliminates difficult odours at their core so rooms stay naturally fresh once more.

4. Furniture Lasts Longer

Think of how much money you spent buying nice room sets, lounge chairs, sectionals, and the like. These are built to last decades with proper care. Upholstery cleaning is part of that routine.

  • Prevents fading: Sunlight and dirt make delicate fabric dull, thin and worn out over time. Keeping upholstery clean helps it stay vibrant and usable longer.
  • Avoids permanent stains: The sooner a spill or mess gets professionally cleaned, the less likely it’ll leave a permanent mark after soaking in.
  • Prevents damage: Letting pollutants and spills sit leads to weak, brittle spots in fabric that tear more easily from regular use.

By thoroughly cleaning upholstery every year or two, you’ll enjoy it for many more years instead of having to replace worn out pieces.

5. More Enjoyment

When living room furniture doesn’t get cleaned, it becomes less fun to use. Stubborn stains can make you feel embarrassed having company over. Unpleasant odors take away relaxation. Built-up grime leads to not wanting to sit down.

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning process brings back full function so everyone can comfortably relax on fresh-smelling couches, chairs, etc once more. No more hiding ugly spots or avoiding rooms.

The Importance of Regular Upholstery Cleaning

Added Services Like Smoke Damage Restoration

Accidents leading to smoke or water damage can also negatively impact upholstered items. Many professional upholstery cleaners offer restoration services specially designed to repair this type of damage too.

Instead of replacing furniture damaged by flooding or fire, repair is often possible through:

  • Specialised odor removal
  • Anti-microbial treatments
  • Drying and hot water extraction

Schedule Your Cleaning Service Appointment

Now that you know all the reasons clean upholstery matters for health and home investment value, it’s easier to make it part of your regular maintenance routine.

We recommend professional deep cleaning for all fabric furniture at least every 1-2 years. Some high-traffic room sets may need annual attention for maximum longevity.

Contact us today to schedule complete upholstery services along with your next carpet cleaning appointment. We provide family- and pet-safe methods for sustainable, refreshed upholstery.

Article written by Jake Caine From Smart Carpet Cleaning in Gold Coast.