10 Tips in Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Guide to Finding the Perfect Carpet Cleaning Company

Tips in Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Whether it’s a stained living room carpet or a grubby high foot traffic home office, you know that your carpets need regular cleaning to stay looking fresh and smell great.

But when the time comes to choose a professional to do the job, how can you find the best carpet cleaner for your needs?

One way is to make sure you ask smart questions before hiring reputable carpet cleaning companies like Smart Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast.

Such as asking about their experience and training, checking they are insured, researching their past testimonials, and finding out what services they offer.

A. How much experience do they have?

How much experience do they have? It’s important to make sure that you know just how experienced they are in the field. Ask them how long they’ve been in business and if their professional carpet cleaners retain their IICRC certification. This is a nationally recognised qualification for those working in the carpet cleaning industry and shows that the provider has a high level of expertise and professionalism. Which offers certifications such as ‘Master Textile Carpet Cleaner’. Hiring an experienced local company with all this knowledge can be a huge benefit when looking to restore your carpets back to showroom standards.

B. Are they professionally trained?

Aside from having years of experience, it’s also important that the carpet cleaning company you hire is properly trained in all the latest techniques. A certified, professional team will make sure their staff members complete extensive rigorous training programmes. This is in order to ensure customers receive the best possible service. This commitment to quality sets them apart from non-certified carpet cleaners who often lack key skills and knowledge, leading to poor results.

C. Are they insured?

A professional carpet cleaning company should make sure it has adequate public and employer liability insurance. It’s worth looking for companies who offer contracts containing details of the insurances provided, as well as any additional protection you may need such as ensuring that the professional carpet cleaners themselves are insured against personal injuries whilst on the job.

D. Do they have past testimonials?

Do they have past testimonials from satisfied customers? Many customers will confirm that the best way to tell how good a professional carpet cleaning company really is to read reviews and testimonials from prior customers. With so many services being available online these days, it’s easy to research different companies at the click of a button. A quick look over customer review websites should give you an idea of what other people think about any particular provider. Be sure to look out for ratings as well as detailed descriptions of the work done. Professionals have hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers, most citing their professionalism, care, customer service, and attention, use of top-of-the-line equipment, and ‘spotless results’. So why not give them a try?

E. What equipment do they use?

What equipment do they use? Ask what kind of equipment they use. Does it have the latest technology? Does it have good suction power for effectively removing moisture from carpets? Can it manage challenging surfaces without damaging them? Professionals only uses top-of-the-range machines including portable machines and rotary machines, all designed to deliver superior cleaning process and performance. So you can be confident that your carpets will get a professional clean each time.

Guide in Choosing a Company to Clean Carpets

F. What services do they offer?

What services do they offer? Not all carpet cleaning services are the same. Some use traditional hot-water shampooing methods while others use state-of-the-art machines for dry cleaning method or low moisture cleaning, plus other innovative techniques and are recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Ask questions about the different services available and see which would be best for your carpets. Some companies specialise in both dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning (hot water extraction) and even upholstery cleaning. Meaning no matter how dirty your carpets are, they have the best solution to get them looking as good as new again.

G. Are they uniform about the latest methods?

Are they uniform about the latest methods? Professionals should always be up-to-date on the latest industry methods, so ask if they’re using any special procedures or chemicals to deliver superior results. Plus, make sure that all their professional carpet cleaners only use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions suitable for both commercial and domestic carpets. Whether you need treatment for light or stubborn stains or deep cleaning after a big family event, this team will do it all with ease.

H. Do they offer quotes upon visit or over the phone?

Do they offer quotes upon visit or over the phone? It’s always a good idea to get a price per room or per square footage estimate before agreeing to hire any carpet cleaning company. Some providers can offer an accurate assessment of the job and cost via a telephone consultation. All while including all relevant details and considerations like time frame and extra services and extra charges (if needed). On the other hand, some providers need to see your dirty carpets in order to provide a quote like per square footage rate. Either way, it’s important that you have this information upfront before making any final decision.

I. Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

Do they offer a money-back guarantee? It’s important to make sure that any carpet cleaning service provider is willing to stand behind their work and put customers first. That’s why you should look for companies that offer some sort of satisfaction or money-back guarantee. Professional companies like this are often proud of their services and want you to be fully happy with the results.

J. Are they local?

Are they local? When searching for a carpet cleaning company, it’s good to check whether or not they are local. You may live in an area where several different providers are available. Also, each will offer a range of services specific to customer needs. A locally-based provider is more likely to be familiar with the area and its weather conditions which can often impact the condition of carpets. What’s more, smaller companies like this can be especially helpful when it comes to sorting out tricky technical glitches as their offices and staff are always readily available. Plus have you thought about ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations too? Choosing one whose services your family and friends have used before could help make your decision much easier.


Do I need a deep-clean for my carpets?

It’s recommended to get your carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months in order to keep them looking their best. It also eliminates any potential stubborn stains or dirt that regular cleaning may miss, and a deep clean can help improve air quality in the home.

How long will carpet cleaning take?

The speed of the job depends on several factors such as the size of the area, the type of service used, and the complexity of the stubborn stain removal process.

Can my pets be around while carpet cleaners are working?

For the safety of everyone. Including your beloved pet. It’s important that they not be around while carpet cleaners are performing their duties. Slippery floors, exposed cords, and machinery could pose an injury risk.

Guide to Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Company


While there are lots of options for carpet cleaning out there, the key to finding the best one for you is to do your research, ask lots of questions and make sure you understand exactly what it is they can offer.

Whether you’re looking to keep your carpets looking brand new or want to revive an old favourite, this family-run business prides itself on providing customers with high-quality styles at an unbeatable prices.

So why go anywhere else?